Tarot Reading

The Tarot is an ancient devination method that was already used in egypt. It gives informations about someones emotional life and the energies of events as well as a higher perspective on situations and can be used for every area of your life.

Just describe your issue in the box below and type in your date of birth. If you just want an in general reading and see what is showing up in the cards, only put in your date of birth.

Questions about health are not considered.



If you do not have a specific question or situation you want to get clarity about, just select the generell Tarot or Lenormand or the combined reading and leave the question field empty.

If you do ask for a specific question I highly recommend to describe your situation in the question box and to ask the questions that you have.

After you have placed the order, your reading will be send to you as a voice message on Whatsapp or eMail within the current waiting time. If you have a pressing question and want urgent clarification check the SOS emergency reading availability. After the reading you can ask further questions related to the reading.


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