Since I was a little girl I loved crystals and rocks and started to collect the rocks I found on the farm I grew up on. I convinced my little sister and a friend to also collect rocks so we could have a look at our collections and exchange them. Their enthusiasm for collecting stones didn’t last long while mine, well let’s say, it’s very likeley that with each walk in nature I find a new rock friend who wants to live with me.

I remember the first clear quartz I bought when I was around nine years old and how I thought they are the most precious things I called my own, which was possibly true.

Crystals and stones have a spirit, they are beings with different vibrations and energies and can therefore effect our enviroment and ouselves as we too are really just energy with a conciousness. I feel deeply connected to my “crystal friends” and the ones I am offering here are all hand picked by myself as they really spoke to me. So I don’t feel like I am just selling crystals, I feel like my friends are looking for a new place to live and someone who takes good care of them.

Hi, I’m Julia. Welcome to my Avalon Rituals website. Card readings and crystals are my absolute passion. I hope you enjoy your stay.
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