About Julia

I grew up in the north of germany in the country side. When I was 26 I experienced a major health issue that made me reevaluate my life. During my recovery I read “The mists of Avalon” and I felt a calling to travel to Glastonbury in England to visit this magical place.

After this visit I was high for a month, completly empowered and in the vibration of love for the first time of my life. It was like a catalyst for my spiritual development and felt like something deep within me has been activated.

The repercussions of this journey rippled through my life, making changes on every level.

Going back to my german life was very challenging so that in 2017 I felt compelled to take a giant step into the unknown and even though I did not know a single person in Glastonbury I decided to sell everything and move to Avalon and I live there ever since.


Hi, I’m Julia. Welcome to my Avalon Rituals website. Card readings and crystals are my absolute passion. I hope you enjoy your stay.
More about me here.

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